Month: August 2022

  • Recurring Appointments

    Recurring Appointments

    You can provide the opportunity for your customers to select multiple days when making appointments with the Recurring Appointments feature in our Booking System. With just a few clicks your customers can schedule multiple appointment days, rather than having to repetitively schedule each individual day and waste valuable time. You can also customize the appointments…

  • Calendar Management

    Calendar Management

    Keeping track of your busy schedule and customer appointments is no longer a concern with Best IT Guru’s innovative Appointment System! With just the click of a button customers can choose when, where, why, and with whom they would like to schedule a meeting with – all within your own parameters. If you prefer to…

  • Booking System

    Booking System

    Managing a business isn’t an easy task. You have employees to manage, customers to please, services to provide, appointments to remember, schedules to maintain – not to mention you have a personal schedule, as well! With our NEW Booking System you can manage all of your daily tasks in one convenient place. This extension allows…

Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith


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