Are you a busy Cleaning Service business owner with not enough time in the day? Let our Booking System help you save time and valuable energy! With our quick and easy to install Booking System, your clients can easily schedule appointments with your business and your calendar will immediately be updated. Customers can even book an appointment with your business straight from their smartphone!

No more hassle of finding a good meeting time with customers and reminding yourself to add it to the calendar – instead, both you and your customers can receive updated email and/or text message reminders as soon as an appointment is scheduled. With Best IT Guru’s Booking System, all your new appointments, business schedule, and personal calendar can be easily found in one place to ensure a clear conscience. No more questioning if you forgot an appointment or worrying you overbooked the week, and no more stressing over time and travel – our elite system ensures there are no overlapping appointments so you can be in the right place at the right time. Let us help you maintain a positive business relationship with your clients, one click at a time.

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