Young teacher showing board, giving virtual lecture to students

Zoom Integration

Many businesses rely on virtual meetings between staff members and clients, which is why Best IT Guru has integrated Zoom with our appointment system to further support your business and operations. This feature eliminates the need for time-wasting, manual operation by automating the entire process.

Zoom is all about flexibility and simplicity, as the platform works seamlessly across all your operating systems and devices. Perhaps you need to meet weekly with your staff – just schedule a recurring meeting and the Zoom link will be at everyone’s fingertips in seconds! You and your employees can access the Zoom meeting directly from the appointment system, as well, so the trouble of switching between servers is a problem of the past.

Clients can also schedule a virtual meeting with you or a select staff member from the comfort of their home. In just a couple seconds customers can book a free consultation over Zoom and immediately receive the meeting link. You can even have automatic emails and text messages sent to remind customers of their upcoming appointments! These scheduled Zoom calls will be directly synced to your work and personal calendar, as well, so you don’t even have to lift a finger to stay on top of things.

Whether it be for staff conferences, one-on-one meetings, or customer appointments, our appointment system will better serve your business operations. Let us help streamline your work day!