Customer Journey Mapping

Developing your small business’ audience

Developing your small business’ audience is no easy task, but we are here to help. The first step in gaining any customer is by increasing awareness of your business, whether that be via social media, word of mouth, or web searches. Customers then enter the consideration phase, where they will take infographics, web reviews, and other customers’ experience into account. Once they are convinced they want to purchase your product or service, they will follow through either in-person or online. You can make all your customers’ experience ten times more efficient with our online appointment system, which you can customize to fit any and all of your business needs!

After the customer receives your product or service, you want to provide them a platform to provide their opinion and recommend your business to friends and family. Hearing customer responses will create a mutually beneficial relationship between your business and your customers, as well as widen your audience. Gain advocacy and awareness for your business by sharing an online survey with past customers, and start the cycle again!

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